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Great product! I used it few times and already saw big difference, smells amazing too. It came in beautiful packaging and lovely personalized card.


So glad I was introduced to ALULA. It keeps my skin feeling moisturized for longer than any other cream I've used before. I'm hooked.


Using the Electric Foot File gives me the smooth and soft grip I've always wanted. Its also portable and rechargeable , so its great for traveling too


Dead Sea Minerals and its Skin Healing Benefits

The extraordinarily high concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea area is incomparable to anywhere else in the world. In the 18thcentury, it was discovered that the minerals had healing properties. Since then, the Dead Sea minerals have caught the interest of many as people grew to learn its capabilities to health and treat countless chronic conditions.

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When is the Right Time to Moisturize Your Hands and Feet?

Moisturizing your hands, feet, and body should be top of mind 24/7. Nothing makes you feel worse than having dehydrated skin - period. But is there an optimal time to apply creams or can we just lather them on anytime we want?

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Interview with Founder

“I don’t remember a day since I was a teenager that I didn’t use hand cream. I have it everywhere around me. I use creams and lotions after washing my hands – every time! I don’t like the feeling of dry hands and believe that you have to put in the effort if you want good skin. We all know that, and this applies to all skin from head to toe, including hands and feet.

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Behind ALULA

Our Future Vision We intend to keep on growing in terms of customers and products and become one of  the most trustful and preferred skincare brand in the market.