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Interview with Founder Mina Sal

The road to starting ALULA was something that became very organic for founder, Mina Sal. Born in Iraq, Mina moved to Jordan when she was 11 years old. With her family, she they lived there before moving once again to Canada at the age of 15. A mother of 3, Mina juggles married life while working as a realtor, personal trainer, and of course, now, an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion to connect the realms of nature and beauty together.

“I am very competitive and love finding new challenges, so why not combine business challenges with lifelong passions”.

What does the Dead Sea mean to Mina?

“I relate being near to the Dead Sea as a place that represents some of my best memories in Jordan. I always heard about its great benefits and what the mud does to your joints and skin. At the time I was growing up there, there weren’t many products made from the minerals that I knew of. When I came up with the idea to start ALULA, I wanted to create products that incorporated skincare philosophies that I knew growing up while taking in my business experiences that I am so grateful to have learned living in Canada.

What does it mean being a female business owner?

“My career choices and experiences have given me the knowledge to feel independent and confident enough to add another professional title to my list. It is an empowering time to be a female business owner. It is also very important for me to run a brand where the products have been made and manufactured by all women as well."

What is Mina’s go-to hand and foot care tips?

“I don’t remember a day since I was a teenager that I didn’t use hand cream. I have it everywhere around me. I use creams and lotions after washing my hands – every time! I don’t like the feeling of dry hands and believe that you have to put in the effort if you want good skin. We all know that, and this applies to all skin from head to toe, including hands and feet. I also have two daughters and want to lead by examples when it comes to skin and body care. I want them to love and take care of their skin all over. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of going for pedicures to maintain selfcare on my feet is a must which is why I am obsessed with moisturizing them on my own.”