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Behind ALULA

At  ALULA Skincare we believe our hands and feet deserves more attention, that is why our focus in to produce the right quality hand and foot creams that are infused with highly beneficial Dead Sea Minerals and other great ingredients.

Behind the Name:
The name ALULA comes from the Arabic language
which means the first for female winner. We have chosen the name ALULA to represent and connect to the heritage and roots of the founder, and we believe that you have to put yourself care first and put you first. When caring for your skin, you open the door for long lasting youthful looking skin.

 Behind the Leaf:
The leaf was chosen to be part of our brand to represent the skin.
When the leaves start to lose its moisture is dries and cracks and eventually loses its beautiful soft leave texture,
so does our skin when it loses moisture and by age it dries and wrinkles and loses its youthful skin texture.

Behind the product:
 ALULA Skincare is Proud to work with a great team of women. Our pharmaceutical and cosmetic factory is considered one of the strongest factories overseas that is owned by a women, and managed by women. . Our products are tested by women and until we get all team satisfaction the product would not be produced.

Our Future Vision: 
We intend to keep on growing in terms of customers and products and become one of  the most trustful and preferred skincare brand in the market.

About the Dead Sea Minerals:
Dead Sea minerals are known to cure skin disorders through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin. Minerals provide protection and strengthen cell membranes against dehydration and environmental hazards.