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When is the Right Time to Moisturize Your Hands and Feet?

Moisturizing your hands, feet, and body should be top of mind 24/7. Nothing makes you feel worse than having dehydrated skin - period. But is there an optimal time to apply creams or can we just lather them on anytime we want?

Just like what many of us do with our face skincare routines to lock the most amount of moisture in, applying our favourite hand and foot creams should be done right before bed. With a good sleeping routine, you have, perhaps, seven to eight hours to effectively treat your skin. 

Consider some of these helpful ALULA tips to have the softest hands and feet:

  • Avoid scrubbing your skin completely dry, especially your hands, as that will dry them out even more.
  • When applying your creams before bedtime, apply generous amounts and thoroughly rub them in.
  • It might not look glamourous but wearing gloves and socks (cotton is best) after applying your lotions treally lock the moisture in. 
  • Finally, repeat every day. Make this a daily routine in order to maintain the soft hands and feet we all love to have.