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3 Ways to Keep Your Feet Hydrated During the Winter Months

Hello December! Even though it's not officially winter just yet, the air is getting thin and the heat is cranking up indoors. We're bringing out the thick socks and boots which can take a toll on our precious feet. Even though we're adding layers and adjusting our thermometers, these wintery habits affect the skin all over our bodies.

It's very easy to neglect your feet, especially after a long day and the pre-bedtime face ritual is done. If you've made the effort to invest in your hand care routine, take just a little more time to treat your feet as well - it'll be worth it for sure. 

The Right Materials Matter
Make sure to wear breathable socks that will keep your feet warm, but more importantly, dry as well. Controlling foot sweat is something that is overlooked. 

Keep Your Feet Clean
Just like how we all love a good daily face cleanse, the same goes for our feet. Don't worry about needing to do this every day but try and soak your feet once a week. On top of that, electric foot files further help to remove dead skin and calluses.

Find a quality foot cream that will help to deeply moisturize your feet which will prevent you from getting common winter problems like cracked skin on your heels. The best time to moisturize your feet is before bedtime to allow your cream of choice to works it magic. Wear moisture-locking socks for even better results.